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Crack Seal

Crack Sealing is the best way to maintain the long term durability of pavement. Common small surface cracks if not addressed can eventually turn into more expensive repairs. Crack Sealing is the first measure of protecting your asphalt investment.

Seal Coat

Seal Coating is the answer for protecting your asphalt parking lots, driveways, HOA low volume roads and much more. Seal Coat is a liquid emulsion that is applied to a clean asphalt service, this product is applied with a spraying application. Seal Coat protects against UVA's from the Colorado's intense sun. This also helps with bi-products left behind by vehicles, along with a variety of external elements. Seal Coat leaves your lot with a rich new appearance.


Striping and marking is the final stage completing the maintenance repairs on your parking lot. Wether putting new marking on your freshly seal coated lot or touching up an existing lot, the striping adds the finishing touch.


Valley Pavement Maintenance will determine if your failing asphalt is caused by failing subbase under the asphalt. If that is the case, that area will be removed and the subbase will be re-established before new asphalt is placed. Many times it is just the top surface of the asphalt which is failing. In that case we can mill off the top couple inches, replace and compact the asphalt. Which ever the case is we can correct the problem.

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Overtime, roadways and parking lots can accrue large amounts of debris, trash, sand, and dirt. Not only can these items become an eye sore, but they can also cause tripping hazards to pedestrians and customers. Valley Pavement Maintenance can take care of this issue and get your pavement looking clean and safe again. 


Concrete is also an essential part of residential and commercial pavement. Our team specializes in flat-work, curb and gutter, drain pans, etc. If your concrete has cracked or even failed, give us a call and one of our Project Managers can meet you and let you know what is needed to get the issue fixed.

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